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Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding - Old Main Lawn ceremony - bride get lead to wedding as her veil blows in the wind

When it comes to weddings in downtown Fayetteville, there are a handful of amazing options. One of our favorites from that list happens to be an Old Main Lawn wedding on the University of Arkansas Campus. But a close second and third are the Old Main Lawn and the Inn at Carnall Hall. So luck would have it, this wedding featured all three! The perfect storm of downtown Fayetteville wedding locations.

For every wedding we shoot, Chasnie and I pretty much always work together. But, on the rare occasion, one of us will venture off to help another photographer when they are in need. This wedding was one of those occasions. When Keely mentioned she may need a second shooter for a wedding at the Walton Arts Center, I was all ears. When she went on to say it would also involve the Inn at Carnall Hall and the Old Main lawn, I was in. 

The day began with the guys at the Dickson Street Inn where Chris and his groomsmen were getting ready in the lounge area. Because guys only take 15 minutes to get ready, they spent the majority of their time watching football, having a few drinks, and chatting with family and friends as they checked into the Inn. They eventually made their way to getting on their tuxedos and helping each other with the infamous and tricky bow tie. Once the guys were done getting ready though, it was almost a must-do for them all to go have a drink at the Dickson Street Pub. From there we made our way to the Old Main Lawn.

No First Look 

When it comes to doing a first look, we don’t mind going with or without. Having a first look can help your timeline and allow you to spend more time with your family and friends.  But we have a good amount of tips and tricks that can help any couples that decide they don’t want to do a first look. But no matter the decision, we recommend that couples do some type of meaningful activity before the ceremony. For Olivia and Chris, they met on the Old Main Lawn back to back so they couldn’t see each other. It was here that they read a sweet note from one another.

Old Main Lawn Ceremony on The University of Arkansas Campus

The ceremony was nothing short of breathtaking. It took place on the steps leading up to Old Main. If you are not familiar with Old Main, it is one of the most iconic buildings in Northwest Arkansas. It’s also a University of Arkansas staple. The guest sat in beautiful white folding chairs that sat in the lawn on both sides of the sidewalk leading up to the steps. When the ceremony was over, we had some time to do some family portraits as well as portraits of Olivia and Chris on the Old Main lawn. Then, it was time to party.

Walton Arts Center Wedding Reception

The main area of the wedding reception was held in the Walker Atrium. This is the first area you see when you walk into the Walton Arts Center. It features a large open space with a magnificent and modern staircase. It also has one of the most amazing lighting designs I have seen in a venue. The lighting was designed by Schuler Shook and is made up of numerous light rods. These rods are hung in almost a random order and varying angles. It’s a standout feature that any Walton Arts Center wedding would be proud to have.

While the main area within the Walker Atrium is traditionally a vast open space, it was now completely covered with tables and chairs. The setup for the day featured black chairs, off-white linens, gold tableware, and accents of green foliage and pomegranates.   

As everyone finished eating, they made their way to the Star Theater. This area of the venue is a small theater space that can have the stadium seating retracted. This gives you access to the entire floor plan. And they needed it! Because in its place was a large stage that featured a live band. The space also had a handful of cocktail tables and small lounge seating areas. It was here that Olivia and Chris shared their first dance.

When everyone was done dancing the night away to some amazing live music, Olivia and Cris left their Walton Arts Center Wedding to a tunnel of sparklers as they ran toward their limo that waited for then on Dickson Street.

Walton Arts Center Wedding Photography

If you want to sit back and view most of these images to some nice music, then hit play and enjoy! If you rather digest each image at your own speed, then just start scrolling.

Looking For More?

If you have stumbled upon this post in the midst of your wedding planning, we would love to give you some help. We have a 62-page wedding planning guide that you can download for free! Also, make sure to check out the best wedding venues in Northwest Arkansas! Because of course, we have Walton Arts Center on the list!


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