Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding – Stone Chapel – Emily + Tanner

We knew this Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding was going to be an incredible day the second we met Emily & Tanner months before at their Engagement session. This was the first time we got to really hang out and it happened to be in a remote location with just the 4 of us. Now it can be a little awkward being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a couple of strangers, but it felt like we were just hanging out with a couple of old friends.

Fast forward to the day of their wedding and we were instantly invited into Matt Lane Farms with open arms. All of their family & friends treated us as if we were apart of their family!

Remember What The Day Was About

Going into the wedding day, we knew it would be nothing short of a fun, emotion-filled day with their family & friends! We were not disappointed. The morning began relaxed with a couple of mimosas and plenty of laughs. Since it only takes the guys 15 minutes to get ready, they passed the time with a poker game and the ladies slaved away on hair and makeup. One of the best parts of the day though, was when they took a quick break from their getting ready routine to read some letters from one another. Being able to see them pause from the hustle and bustle of the day and just remember what the day was about was something special.

As the ceremony was about to start, you could quickly see how loved Emily and Tanner really are. The Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm was filled to the brim. It was literally standing room only and every inch beside the aisle was filled.

Time For The Waterworks

Once the reception started, it was also time for the water works. Every single speech left the entire room asking for a tissue. Then it was time to let loose and really get the party started. And I’ll tell you one thing for sure. Emily and Tanner brought their party shoes and they knew how to use them!

When the dancing was over and it was time to go home, there was no way they were letting anyone go without a huge send-off. So every guest at the reception lined the exit with a handful of glow sticks in hand. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t get smacked in the back with a few glow-sticks as we ran through the tunnel with them. But what are a few glow-stick sized welts between friends?

Below are some of our favorite images from the day. Take a look and make sure to make it to the end. After the images, you’ll see a few words from the bride about her big day!

Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding photography – Stone Chapel at MattLane Farm

Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding – From the Bride

The most memorable part of the day and why?

The most memorable part of the day….. We enjoyed every second of our special day. One thing that was special was when our Pastor told us to take a second to breathe and look out to the crowd to see all of the friends and family that were there to support our marriage. That meant a lot.

If you could do it again, is there anything you would change?

I wouldn’t do anything different about the wedding day specifically. It was perfect for us. If I could change the way we planned things, it might be to reconsider an outdoor wedding in August… (specifically for male guests in long jackets) even though it wasn’t too bad! Everyone was a hot mess by the end of the night (literally) but we didn’t care. It was a BLAST!

What is something you would like to tell currently engaged couples about wedding planning?

I would tell a newly engaged couple to enjoy the moment. Enjoy the engagement and the excitement leading up to your wedding day. I didn’t believe people when they told me, but things really will come together in the end. Also, make decisions based on what you and your husband or wife want. This is your day. Take in suggestions from others, but ultimately this is about you! Don’t forget that!

Would you recommend us to another couple? Why or Why Not?

I loved working with Jason and Chasnie. We loved that they are a married couple working side-by-side. It was so cool how Chasnie got to hang out with the girls, and Jason the guys all day to capture all of the moments. They were also so kind and open to what we wanted and requested. Would recommend them 10/10 times.

Favorite image from the wedding and why?

A favorite image from the wedding… Oh, that is a hard one. I have so many favorites.

May seem simple, but this is one of my favorite photos of the night. So many emotions in one picture. Tanners brother taking a deep breath to gather himself as he speaks to our marriage, and also the way we are looking at each other says so many things. It signifies an organic moment of “taking it all in”.

Also, this. The pure joy on everyone’s face. It was a beautiful day and this image beautifully captured the beginning of the rest of our lives!

Fayetteville Arkansas Wedding Vendors

Huge thank you to all the vendors that helped make this day as amazing as it was!

Stone Chapel at Mattlane Farm
-Essence of Australia design from SSY Bridal
-Makeup by MAC
-Flowers by Enchanted Designs.

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