Northwest Arkansas Indian Wedding Photography – The Clement Monterrey Wedding

It all started when I took a two week long trip to India to photograph the Holi festival. I knew right after that trip that I wanted to make Northwest Arkansas Indian Wedding photography a regular part of what we do.

Northwest Arkansas Indian Wedding Photography

The only hurdle to get through when it comes to Northwest Arkansas Indian wedding photography is actually having experience with Indian wedding photography. Similar to hiring a photographer to shoot a Catholic ceremony. You want someone that knows the traditions and can anticipate moments before they happen. With an Indian wedding, there are so many different traditions and important moments. If you don’t know when these moments are happening, you will most likely miss them.

” if you rush off to get ready for the next event, you could totally miss it”

Take the Vidai for an example. This is a part of an Indian wedding where the brides family bids her farewell. It’s a very emotionally packed portion of the wedding. The issue is that it’s at a completely different time then what you’d expect. Especially if you came in only have shot a Catholic wedding. During a Catholic wedding, the bride’s parents hand the daughter over at the beginning of the ceremony. For an Indian wedding, the Vadia is at the very end of the ceremony. So if you rush off to get ready for the next event, you could totally miss it.

Knowing I wanted to shoot more Indian weddings and that I’d like to have some practice doing them, I jumped at the opportunity to help a friend shoot an Indian wedding in Monterrey California. My friend Shannon flew me down the weekend of the wedding. She loved our documentary approach as well as the way we can get creative with light and composition. With Indian weddings, this is especially important because there is so much going on throughout the day.

” But they did have a mobile band with lots and lots of dancing “

At the start of the wedding, it was my job to capture the groom and groomsmen getting ready. I also had the pleasure of capturing the Baraat. The Baraat is the grooms processional to the wedding and is basically a giant moving party. Baraat’s have been known to have the groom ride in on an elephant or large horse. But because the Baraat was on the crowded street of downtown Monterrey, they kept the party on foot. But they did have a mobile band with lots and lots of dancing.

In addition to the Baraat, I also got to photograph the bride putting on her Lengha. The Lengha is traditionally a three-piece outfit that includes a long ankle length skirt. The entire outfit is very elegant with embroidered pattern and intricate beadwork. Most weddings we shoot, the bride wears a single dress for the entire day. With an Indian wedding, the bride changes multiple time. For this wedding, The bride had two dresses for the ceremony and then a third dress for the reception. This is a tradition that I absolutely love. It gives so much variety throughout the day and adds more visual interest throughout the different sets of portraits.

Aside from being an amazing Indian wedding, Hima and Maulin were the absolute best couple to work with. They were sweet and fun loving the entire wedding. Every time they looked at each other, both their faces would just light up. This wedding was so much fun that we cannot wait to shoot more. If you are in the middle of planning and in need of Northwest Arkansas Indian Wedding photography, we would love to hear from you!

Indian Wedding Photography Images – Let’s Take a Look!

Now lets dive into the best part of shooting an Indian wedding. The images!! If you are a slideshow lover, then hit play, sit back, and enjoy. If you rather take in the images at your own leisure, then just start scrolling!


Huge thank you to all the vendors that made this event possible. Every detail was absolutely exquisite. Also, a big giant thank you and virtual hug to my friend Shannon for flying me down to help! I had a blast!


  1. Lottie says:

    This is unbelievable. The way you handle light in every situation is incredible. I can’t image how fast you are making descisions to meter for different light situations to best capture the mood. The diversity of this portfolio I cannot get over. I was scrolling through it so fast, just devoring the images. The ability to manipulate the composition to showcase the exact moment, paired with your incredible ability with light makes every single image phenomenal. Wonderful, wonderful work.

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