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When we first met with Lizzi and Barton to talk about their wedding, they had a handful of ideas that had Chasnie and me itching to shoot their wedding (more on these later). But in addition to these ideas, they were also going to have a Centerton Arkansas wedding at the Ravington and were also going to have a coffee truck at the reception! So in short, it was a match made in heaven.

So How About Those Ideas They Had?

While all weddings are filled with countless ideas and moments, Lizzi and Barton had three ideas that help make their wedding stand out from any other wedding we have shot.

Idea One

The first idea they had was to recreate the “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci with their entire wedding party. But in true Vinson Images fashion, we couldn’t make things simple. So what we did was take a lighting composite to create the picture. Not to make things to technical, but this technique allows us to light each person individually so we can create an image that would traditionally be impossible to create.  We also changed the name from “The Last Supper” to “The First Supper” since this was the first time they would be eating as a married couple. Kind of my bad dad jokes making their way into our work in the most meaningful way possible!

Idea Two

The second idea they had was to open their champagne bottles for the toasts with swords! For these images, there was nothing crazy complicated, but it’s just awesome! Lizzi and Barton told us they practiced a lot before the wedding and you could totally tell. They looked like absolute pros and this ended up being one of our favorite moments of the wedding. The outdoor patio at the Ravington was also a perfect backdrop!

Idea Three

The last idea they had almost didn’t happen. We were at coffee with Lizzi and Barton talking about their wedding day timeline and Lizzi mentioned they had a great idea for an exit but wrote it off because they thought it would be too expensive. But after they told us and saw how excited we got about the idea, they did a little more research and found out it was totally doable. So while most weddings have their guests wave sparklers or blow bubbles, instead, Lizzi and Barton got shot from every angle by more than 60 Nerf Guns! What happened afterward was probably the largest Centerton Arkansas Wedding Nerf Gun battle of all time. If not, it was definitely the largest Nerf Gun battle at The Ravington.

The Images

Below are the images from this Centerton Arkansas wedding at The Ravington. If slideshows are your thing, press play and sit back and relax. If you like more time to take in each image, then scroll through at your leisure.

From The Bride About Her Centerton Arkansas Wedding

The most memorable part of the day and why?

Opening the champagne with swords – we practiced so much and had so much fun with this.
First arriving at The Ravington – we were the only people there for a while and had a chance to enjoy some peace before set up started.

Favorite image from the Centerton Arkansas wedding and why?

There is a tie

“First Supper” – see photo for why. Also, it is a beautiful shot that exceeded all expectations and features our whole wedding party.

Nerf Gun Exit – Only our closest friends and family stayed for this and we can

see most of them in the shot. And of course, it was a lot of fun.

If you could do it again, is there anything you would change?

Ordered more vegetarian food! Actually food, in general, I would do differently. Spend less time on wedding blogs and The Knot.

What is something you would like to tell currently engaged couples about wedding planning?

The fights are stupid and they don’t matter, but it’s a great way to learn how to work through problems together. Save the dates are not important and will end up in the trash. Nobody is going to RSVP, just plan for it. Don’t be afraid to have fun and do exactly what you want, you don’t have to be tied down to all the traditions if you don’t want to. If you feel comfortable doing so, take people up on their offer to help.

Would you recommend us to another couple? Why or Why Not?

Absolutely – you guys create art, not just take pictures. You capture all of the moments perfectly and were so easy to work with leading up to the day. You guys were responsive communicators, extremely professional, and we received our photos quickly.

What is one thing you particularly enjoyed about working with us?

We had some wild ideas and you guys ran with them, which we really appreciated.

What is one thing you think we could be better about?

I promise this isn’t a cop-out – we genuinely can’t think of anything. You were the least stressful part of our wedding.

Centerton Arkansas Wedding Vendors

Venue – The Ravington
Dress – David’s Bridal
Flowers – Woodbine Mead (found them at the Bentonville Farmer’s Market)
Suit – Jennis & Warmann (specially ordered from the UK and they took forever to get in)
Cake – Rick’s Bakery
Coffee truck – Kookaburra Coffee
Cleanup – Bohemian Geeks


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    Every single photo is super well done! Kudos to everyone to make this happen!

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