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When we first started talking to Meghan and Rufino about their wedding, it seemed too good to be true. Meghan herself is a Detroit Michigan wedding photographer so we knew they valued what we do. Rufino is an amazing architect, so we knew they had an eye for design. Add to it that the wedding would take place in Detroit Michigan at the delicious Axle Brewing Company and we were obviously ecstatic to be their photographer.

To start the day off, we arrived at their home just outside Detroit Michigan to get some images of them getting ready. The getting ready location took place in their newly remodeled house. With a clean modern design, we absolutely loved the feel of the entire space. There were clean backgrounds to work with and we had all the pretty light we could ask for. Once everyone was ready to go, it was time for Meghan and Rufino to have their first look. I loved that when Rufino first saw Meghan, his hands came up in a gesture of “holy cow, how is this even real”. It was also super cute catching Meghan’s mom sneaking a peak because she just couldn’t help herself.

“old school bus into a full-fledged party bus”

When we finished the first look, it was time for portraits. And because Meghan is a Detroit Michigan wedding photographer, she took us to all the cool locations. But before we could hit these locations, we needed a ride. This is where The Detroit Bus Company came into the story. This company has converted an old school bus into a full-fledged party bus. They even covered the bus in epic graffiti. From here, I think everyone knows what happens when you fill a bus with your favorite people, great music, and maybe a couple drinking games…


Once we got to downtown Detroit, the fun for us really kicked into high gear. There is something special about being around a couple that gives us complete freedom to do anything we want. Add to this being in a new city filled with things we had never seen and our heads were turning left and right with picture idea overload. The only thing I didn’t want to do is end up taking images that had been done hundreds of times before. When you live in an area for a while, you learn what locations are overused. So you know when and where you need to get creative to come up with something fresh and different. But since we didn’t even look up Detroit Michigan Wedding Photography before arriving, we pretty much had to try and put our own spin on everything we shot.

The locations we shot at are the historic jazz bar at Cliff Bell’s, Aloft Detroit (which is an amazing and beautiful hotel in downtown Detroit), a cool little alleyway called The Belt, as well as a fun rooftop area with an amazing view of downtown. All these locations are super amazing, but my personal favorite ended up being the entrance ramp to a parking garage that was filled with graffiti and street art. We only shot a small handful of images, but one of my favorite portraits of the entire year was taken in that dark and unobvious location.

“for a split second, the world just stood still for them”

After we finished with portraits, we hopped back onto our magic school bus so we could make our way to the wedding venue. And true to Meghan and Rufino’s amazing taste thus far, The Axle Brewing Company did not disappoint. It’s almost as if this location was designed to be a wedding venue, so color me surprised when I found out that this was the first wedding to ever take place at The Axle Brewing Company. It was the perfect spot for a beautiful ceremony, followed by some amazing speeches, and then even more amazing dance moves.

At one point the entire wedding party and all the guests were in one giant conga line dancing around the entire brewery. Then once the lights dimmed lower and the music turned up louder, the photobooth props came out to the dance floor. The guests inevitably began using the wooden cane for an impromptu game of limbo. But the best part of the reception was catching Meghan and Rufino stealing away sweet moments on the dance floor. The entire floor is filled with “to the window, to the wall” and for a split second, the world just stood still for them.

And now for the images! If you prefer to view your images as a slideshow, just click play. Otherwise, just start scrolling.

We can’t imagine two people made so perfectly for each other.  Everyone we met & talked to on your wedding day told us how incredible you both were, how gracious and sincere you were and it was a privilege to be invited all the way from Arkansas to meet & take photos of your wedding day.

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