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When couples start planning their wedding, they have to do a lot of things they have never done before. Most of our couples have never been in front of a camera before they work with us. Likewise, most couples have never had to order flowers outside of getting a simple bouquet of roses for mothers day or valentines day. So in an effort to help with your planning experience, we have gotten a few tips from PIGMINT Floral Studio, one of the best florists in the area!  

Article by Chelsea Hermez, Owner of PIGMINT Flowers.

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At PIGMINT we love working with bride’s to create their perfect wedding day florals!  And we understand that you’ve probably never had an opportunity to place a flower order this big before!  Below are a few tips that will make planning florals a little less daunting.

1. Budget

Set a budget and don’t be shy to tell us!  Most sources recommend 10% of your overall budget, but if flowers are important to you- find a way to cut elsewhere so we can get you more blooms on your big day! Sharing with us how much you hope to spend will allow us to make suggestions that will give you the most bang for your buck. Part of setting a budget is being realistic- “quote the dream” is a waste of precious wedding planning time.

2. Inspiration

Bring us inspiration images and a general idea of numbers, like how many reception tables and how many bridesmaids you’re having.  We love to see your Pinterest boards; try to narrow it down to your favorite images so that we can deliver your exact vision for your big day.  Also, share with us non-floral design elements.  Knowing what the invitations, dress, or any other décor will look like can help us to create a seamless  design

3. Go BIG

One large arrangement is much more impactful than five small centerpieces.  A large arrangement or floral feature creates such a special focal feature for any room, and you’ll be glad you did it when you get your pictures back! This goes back to us helping make the most of your budget.

4. There are no rules!

We see people forgoing boutonnieres and corsages to save money, or bridesmaids carrying all greenery in place of traditional bouquets. We even see brides ditching the bouquets in favor of wearing floral crowns instead.  Customizing your floral list to fit your needs and style not only can save you money, it can also add a unique twist to your wedding and make it a true reflection of you and your spouse!

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if you’d like to discuss your florals with us some more, you can shoot an email to our dedicated bridal consultant at any time!  Victoria can be reached at

We look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your big day!


Chelsea Hermez

Owner, PIGMINT Flowers.

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four tips to stay stress free when ordering flowers


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