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Have you ever been to a concert or theater production and been in awe of the lighting and feel of the show? Imagine having that same setup for your Northwest Arkansas wedding. Now imagine your wedding guests sitting in stadium seating as you tie the knot. That’s exactly what you can get with a Walton Arts Center wedding.

In the past, a Walton Arts Center wedding would take place in the main atrium area along with their Starr Theater. While these areas are already above average, the main theater room is on another level. Originally, the Baum Walker Hall was exclusively used for high end live shows. Shows such as Cats, Wicked, and Green Day American Idiot (Chasnie and my favorite). But now, they are offering a very select few dates where you can have the entire stage built out for the most perfect, theatrical, and elegant wedding in Northwest Arkansas.

The only problem with offering a new type of venue setup and service is not having any images to show off what you can do with the space. That’s where we come in. If you are familiar with our work and the type of images we love to produce, then you know we are obsessed with cinematic and theatrical lighting. So when Walton Arts Center asked us to help create images that could showcase the theater, we were giddy like a kid the night before going to Disney World for the first time. Not only was working with Walton Arts Center a dream come true, but the other amazing vendors who partnered with us to build out the set were second to none!

Walton Arts Center Wedding Shoot

When we first walked onto the stage the morning of the shoot, we were not disappointed. The stage was completely built out and actually covered the first few sections of seating. These sections of seats are traditionally there for the live shows. This left us with a huge space to work with. Along the back of the stage was a large backdrop with angles of ribbon. There was also a small stage of square angular sculpture type pieces to accent the background. Everything was lit with a dramatic deep blue with hints of purple along the ribbon. Center stage had a breathtaking, elegant table filled with the tastiest looking food. Add an abundant amount of beautiful flower arrangements, and the setup was perfect!

“If they don’t mind the cleanup, we can absolutely make that happen”

It was at this point Shannon, the Event Manager, took us on a little tour. She wanted to show us some of the areas they wanted to capture. As we walked by a large neon sign with the words “CHEERS”, Shannon jokingly mentions how it would be cool to have a picture of a couple spraying champagne in front of the sign. I told her if they don’t mind the cleanup, we can absolutely make that happen. In a little bit of shock, she says they have a few leftover bottles of champagne from an event in a back office.

Aside from the champagne shots, confetti images, and a few getting ready pictures, everything else was shot on the stage in the main Baum Walker Hall. Seeing as its a full-scale theater production area, we had access to some killer lighting, spiral staircases, the stadium seating, and even an industrial size fog machine! Below is what we came up with in the amount of time we had to shoot, but the possibilities of this space are endless! We cannot wait to shoot a Walton Arts Center Wedding in the very near future!

Walton Arts Center Wedding Images

First, here is a quick 30 second teaser to get you in the mood!

Now, for a closer look plus a handful more images!

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography Vendors

Huge shout out to the fantastic vendors who helped put this shoot together. We 100% could not have done this without every single person on this list! Also, a big giant thank you to Kevin Mullins, the lighting tech from Walton Arts Center. He was extremely helpful and helped us bring some of our crazy ideas into reality.

Venue: @waltonartscenter
Event Manager: @shanlee103
Hair/Makeup: @caylee_stylist @natolia_
Dress: @shesaidyesbridal @jimsformalwear
Models: @mrhydelife @myahrossi @jill.on.the.hill7
Caterer: @cateringunlimitednwa
Florist: @jmdesignsflorals
Venue uplighting: @lightworks.events
Video: @aenimatemedia

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Whether you are planning a Walton Arts Center Wedding or a wedding at any other location, we would love to hear from you! Also, make sure to check out our free wedding planning guide as well as our wedding day survival kit!


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