Don’t Settle for a Single Type of Portrait Session on Your Wedding Day!

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Portraits are one of the most important parts of the day when it comes to wedding photography. Because we consider ourselves primarily documentary wedding photographers, we value the real and authentic moments you share with your loved ones above all else. But there is a key difference between authentic moments and portraits. Authentic moments, more known as candid photography, is when we are just capturing real-life moments as they unfold before us. The problem here is that it’s impossible to capture authentic moments with each individual you hold near and dear to you. It’s also not always possible to capture pleasing portraits or creative portraits without some type of setup. Because of this, we actually have three different types of portraits that we will do throughout your wedding day.

1 – Traditional Portraits

While these portraits are not always traditional in the way they are taken, they are taken during the traditional portrait time. These portraits normally happen directly after the first look or right before the reception entrance. This time is designated strictly for portraits and the length of time is up to you. But the longer we have, the more images you get and the more creative we can get. We also use traditional portrait time to get images with you and your family.


2 – Portrait Breakouts

With us, portraits are something that will happen throughout the day. We are constantly inspired by the area and light around us. So while you will have a dedicated block of time for portraits on your timeline, we will also have some mini portrait breakout sessions. For example, you could be in hiding before the ceremony starts and we may see something that inspires us. So what we will do is ask if we can steal you away for a quick portrait right there and then. These usually only take a minute or two and then we let you get back to what you were doing. Because it’s hard to make the traditional portrait time fall at sunset where the best light is, we can also have a longer portrait breakout session at sunset if you don’t mind sneaking away from the reception for it.


3 – Night Portraits

These are almost identical to the portrait breakouts. The key difference is that they are at night, which means we will be stealing you away from your reception. These also tend to take a little longer because we usually have to leave the reception room and walk to a location. We try and make these take as little time as possible though. The shoot will last for 10 to 15 minutes max. We also try and wait to come to get you when you are taking a break from dancing so that we aren’t interrupting a fun moment.

With all portrait breakout sessions, if something is going on or you just don’t want to leave what you are doing, you are more then welcome to decline the invite. You can also just ask us to check back in with you at a later time. But the best part of night portraits is that it makes playing with light so much more fun. This is where we can create images like you have never seen before.

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If you are in the process of planning your wedding and like the idea of having amazing candid moments with a mix of creative and traditional portraits, then we would love to talk with you! All you have to do it fill out the contact from below

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you don't have to have just one type of portrait session


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