Beaver Lake Engagement Session – Downtown Rogers

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One of our favorite things to do on an engagement session is to incorporate something that has meaning to our couples. Sometimes this is a special park, part of town, or even doing a certain type of activity. So when we told this to Amanda and TJ, they instantly had an idea. They asked us if it would be possible to go out and just drive around Beaver Lake and take pictures. If you know Chasnie or myself, then you know that’s a definite yes from us! The only hard part about this is the limit to being on the boat. There just isn’t always a lot of room to move around.

Downtown Rogers Arkansas First

To make things a little easier on us, we met in downtown Rogers to take a handful of images. We did a little walking around utilizing some of the exposed brick walls, vintage windows, and interesting ally ways. This also gave us a perfect opportunity to incorporate their fur babies. We have a special place in our hearts for puppies so we love when our couples bring them along. They are an important part of the family!

The Main Event – Beaver Lake

From there, we moved our way to the marina where the boat was being stored. While the boat was being prepped, we took advantage of the Beaver lake shoreline and the special vantage point offered to us by the docks.

Once we made our way to the boat, the sun had just started to set. Thankfully the boat we were on was a pontoon boat that gave us access to the roof. This gave a great view of the setting sun, horizons, and cliff sides.

Another great thing about being on a pontoon boat was having access to a full kitchen. While we were shooting, Amanda’s mom prepped some amazing tacos and cervezas for us to enjoy while we took a quick break and made our way back to shore. 

When we got back to the parking lot, Amanda and TJ mentioned loving an old champagne image we had taken and wondered if we could make one for them. Because we want all our couples to have unique and memorable images, we said we would make them their own version instead of recreating the old one. What we ended up with is one of our favorite engagement photos of the year. 

Beaver Lake Engagement Photos

To see a handful of our favorite images from the shoot, just start scrolling. We’d love to hear what you think, so make sure to drop us a comment! If you are in the planning stages for your upcoming wedding, make sure to check out our free wedding planning guide as well as our list of our favorite wedding venues. Or better yet, just fill out our contact form and lets chat! 


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