Seven Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner

This is guest post is from the amazing and oh so talented Jessica Kersey of JLK Weddings. Jessica is one of the best wedding planners you will ever have the opportunity to work with. Her designs and the way she can transform a space are constantly blowing our minds!


-Article by Jessica Kersey, owner, JLK Weddings

Wow! This is an overwhelming topic. Obviously, as I have been in the wedding
industry for over a decade, I know how beneficial it is to make it a priority in your
budget to hire a professional wedding planner. There are a hundred different
reasons, but finding a precise and fun way to give you all of that information is
quite an undertaking. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet. Let’s see if I’m up to the

1 – Time

Hiring a professional with many years of experience in wedding planning
means that he or she is able to do in 10 minutes what would take you an hour to
accomplish just based on the fact that we have the files, contacts, diagrams, and
more at our fingertips. You would have to search these things out if you were
trying to plan your wedding alone and it can be extremely overwhelming. This
time-saving benefit is a huge reason to hire a professional, especially if you work
and/or are in school full time.

2 – Advocate

It can be challenging to handle some situations that may arise during
the planning process. A professional will put you at ease immediately because
you will have someone to lean on, someone you can trust, and someone to back
you up. Your wedding planner will be in your corner. He or she will be your
advocate in difficult situations.

3 – Stress

The time it takes to plan a wedding inevitably comes with a degree of
stress. Add to that the fact that your wedding is extremely personal to you and
you want it to be unique, fun, and special, and that stress level is increased
significantly. There are tasks that are not fun, but that has to be accomplished
as you plan. Let your planner take these things off of your plate. Let him or her
guide you, counsel you and handle the mundane details that you find boring.
Hiring a wedding planner will make the planning process so much more fun. It
will allow you to focus on the important things, and it will significantly decrease
your stress level.

4 – Cohesion

One of the best ways to create a strong viewpoint in your wedding
design is to make sure that it is cohesive. If you hope to have your wedding
featured in print or online, cohesive details are extremely important. The design
of the entire event should flow and feel like you as a couple. This can be a

difficult thing to accomplish if you aren’t in the design world. Trusting a
professional for advice and suggestions will be vital to a strong wedding design.

5 – Discounts

Hiring a professional wedding planner makes life easier for everyone.
Because of this, many wedding vendors will offer discounts to planners. We all
want to work with good, reliable people and because of this, there are incentives
to encourage it. Don’t forget to ask about this when hiring a wedding planner!

6 – Bliss

You want to feel blissful on your wedding day. You shouldn’t be worrying
about when the cake is going to be delivered, placement of the wedding flowers,
and that dang taper candle that won’t stay straight. These things will rob you of
the joy you could have spending the day being pampered and having fun with the
people who mean the most to you before you marry your person. A professional
wedding planner will be completely prepared and will handle every detail of your
wedding day coordination. It will be perfect. Serving my brides and grooms is a
joy for me. Seeing them happy, in love, and carefree is the reason why I do this
job. Let a professional wedding planner serve you and give you this gift. It’s worth
every penny, I promise you that!

7 – Options

Know yourselves well enough to know what is right for you. A big
wedding or a small wedding? Large weddings aren’t for everyone. For the couple
who still wants a special wedding with lovely details, but doesn’t feel comfortable
with the huge audience or price tag of a large wedding, I also offer all-inclusive
elopement planning. It is shockingly affordable and stress-free. These are so
lovely and special and are a great option for many couples. This may be
something that you didn’t even know existed. Now you do. Make sure you know
your options!


There are some amazing weddings planners in our area. We all operate a little
differently and we all have different design styles. Even if it is not me, I highly
recommend that you find someone who is the right fit for you. You’ll be glad you
did. It will make your life so much easier and your photographer will thank you
for it 😉

Best of luck to you as you plan the best day of your life!

-JLK Weddings

Make sure you check out JKL Weddings Instagram and website for information on her planning services!  Also, definitely check out our Wedding Survival Guide to see a list of 36 items that could save your wedding day. 

seven reasons why you need a wedding planner


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