Wedding Survival Kit | 36 Essential Items That Could Save Your Wedding Day

When your wedding day finally arrives, you will have spent countless hours planning and preparing for the perfect day. While we hope that your day goes off without a single issue, it’s likely that something small or big will happen. Below is a list of items that will help get you through some of the most common issues we see happen on a regular basis. While not every item will pertain to your wedding, we recommend taking a quick glance through the list for any items that you think you may need. Build yourself a nice little wedding day survival kit with everything you think you may need.


1 – Heel Stoppers – We recommend these for the bride and all of the bridesmaids. You will most likely be walking on some grass during your wedding day. Use these to make sure those heels stay above ground!

2 – Rain Boots – You won’t know you need these until your wedding date gets closer. But if you see rain on the forecast, get yourself some good looking rain boots. These will keep your feet dry and can also make for some fun puddle splashing pictures!

3 – Men’s Dress Socks – Go ahead and buy all the groomsmen socks as a present. Because at least one guy will forget his and end up rocking those ugly white athletic socks.

4 – Fashion Tape – There is always that one bridesmaid that lost a bit of weight and her dress is now running a bit big. Don’t let your wedding turn into a peep show.

5 – Clear Umbrella – If rain is in the forecast, make sure to get some clear umbrellas. The trick here is to get the ones we link too. The bubble ones most people get may seem like a good idea, but they will make it so we can’t see your faces anytime you need to use them.

6 – Tide To-Go Pen – Spills happen. Even if you don’t need it on your wedding day, this will come in handy at some point or another.

7 – White Chalk – Tide To-Go pens are great. But some stains are stubborn. If you have one on your white dress, you can cover it up with some white chalk.

8 – Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray – Not all makeup artists have a setting spray. You’ll be thankful you got some when you are looking fresh at the end of the day.

9 – Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge – You’re probably going to cry tears of joy at some point. You will definitely sweat. This sponge will let you easily fix any of your water-related makeup mishaps.

10 – Small Sewing Kit – You don’t want to be the person that drops it like it’s hot on the dance floor and end up spending the rest of the night hiding the tear in your pants.

11 – Dental floss – dental floss is stronger than thread and is also clear. If you have a dress malfunction and need to be sewn in, this will keep thing secure all day! And you got the sewing kit mentioned above, so you should be all set!

12 – Graphite Stick – We have all dealt with a finicky zipper. It’s no fun. You definitely don’t want to deal with this on your wedding dress. So get this graphite stick to help get things moving if they become a problem.

13 – Extra large Safty Pins – Not all emergencies give you enough time to break out the sewing kit. Have these on hand to get you by until you can get things fixed properly.

14 – Eyelash Glue – Your makeup artist got you all set and ready to go before the wedding. But eyelashes have been known to come loose. Don’t be stuck with a floppy eyelash on the dance floor.

15 – Reception Shoes – Get a comfortable pair of shoes to dance in at the reception (guys and girls). We love TOMs, but you can go with whatever your heart desires. Trust us, you’ll thank us at the end of the night! Especially if you have a hardwood or concrete dance floor!

16 – Mints – Because that first kiss is going to come faster then you can imagine!

17 – Bobby Pins – Don’t let a rogue hair get you down. You will probably also need these to secure your veil.

18 – Tissues – I’m not crying! You’re crying!

19 – Bug Spray – Don’t go on your honeymoon as an itchy mess. Protect yourself from all those biting bugs.

20 – Chapstick – Keep those lips soft and kissable

21 – Lint Roller – Because everyone loves their dogs, but no one wants to look like they are walking around in a DIY fur coat

22 – Sunscreen – Because you’re supposed to come back from your honeymoon with a sunburn. Not go there to end up nursing your wounds in the shade.

23 – Blotting Papers – Keep your skin looking good. Especially on those hot and humid days. These are good for guys and girls so you can avoid that shiny skin look that no one wants.

24 – Clear Nail Polish – Don’t make us photoshop your chipped up nails if it’s not totally needed ūüėČ

25 – Baby Powder – Because when things get hot and humid, they also get sticky and chaffy.

26 – Mini First Aid Kit – You don’t want to be the one that gets blood on the dress.

27 – Super Glue – Fix a broken shoe, jewelry, or even a deep cut. But we aren’t doctors so maybe ignore that last one.

28 – Phone Charger – Because no one wants a dead phone. This charger will let you charge your phone and your friends phone all on the go or plugged into the wall.

29 – Bluetooth Speaker – A good playlist will make your getting ready experience a lot more fun! But you don’t want to end up listening to those hot jams from your cell phone that you stuck inside a cup to try and make it sound louder!

30 – Lighter – There is nothing more satisfying than burning off those pesky stray threads

31 – Protein Bars – For you and the wedding party. You don’t want your wedding to be the one everyone talks about because someone fainted at the altar.

32 – Eye Drops – Red eyes are only cool if you are Willy Nelson

33 – Deodorant – Someone is going to forget theirs, and you’ll end up the lucky one that has to sit by them

34 – Tylonal – Having some quick pain relief on hand is never a bad idea.

35 – Pepcid AC – If you are drinking on your wedding day, don’t let acid reflux get you down.

36 – Benadryl – No one told uncle Bob there was shellfish in the pasta. Be prepared for any unforeseen allergic reactions.

If you are going to be placing a handful of orders in the months leading up to your wedding, we recommend signing up for an Amazon Prime Trial membership. You get to sign up for just a month at a much lower price than their yearly membership and you still get all the benefits.

Lastly, while you are searching around, it may be worth setting up a wedding registry through Amazon. Most couples register at places like Bed Bath and Beyond and Target, but Amazon will give you a lot more items to choose from and usually at lower prices. You also get up to 20% off for signing up.

We truly hope this list of items is helpful! If you have any questions be sure to let us know. And if you have any items that you feel should be added, make sure to leave them in the comments!




36 items that could save your wedding day


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