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Creative wedding portrait after sunset with the Mildred B. Cooper glass chapel as the background

When you ask someone, “what is Arkansas home to,” you are likely to get a variety of answers. We’re the home of the Razorbacks, the home of Walmart, and even the home of the World Cheese Dip Competition! But did you know there are an uncommonly large number of glass chapels in Arkansas? Glass chapels make the most of our Natural State, letting the lush greens of spring or the oranges of fall set the stage for your wedding ceremony.

Why Choose One of the Glass Chapels in Arkansas?

When selecting a wedding venue, it’s hard to beat the beauty and practicality of a glass chapel. Nature is entirely unobstructed, allowing the beauty of the Ozarks to serve as your backdrop. It also provides a chance to mitigate the risks that come from an outdoor wedding. Raining? Unseasonably warm? Snow on the ground? With a glass chapel, none of that matters. You can still enjoy the gorgeous landscape without a last-minute change in plans or exposing yourself and your guests to the elements!

Glass Chapels in Arkansas

Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel

Bella Vista, Arkansas is home to one of the most amazing glass chapels you will ever lay eyes on. Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel is nestled quietly in the forest and features a blend of ancient and modern architecture. Designed by architects E. Fay Jones and Maurice Jennings, this venue celebrates what is best about the Natural State, making it the perfect spot for ethereal brides to begin their happily ever after.

The chapel can accommodate up to 120 wedding guests. However, please note that reception space is not available on site. This venue is proud to offer an open vendor policy, meaning you can work with whomever you like to make your ceremony dreams a reality. The chapel is also quite a bargain, with $800 reserving the space for an hour and a half.

Wedding ceremony at Mildred B. Cooper Glass Chapel in Bella Vista Arkansas

Thornecrown Chapel

It has long been said that God can be most readily found in nature. For many couples hoping to get married in Eureka Springs, no place makes that more apparent than Thorncrown Chapel. Called one of the finest religious spaces of modern times, the stunning gothic-style chapel gives guests unparalleled views of the Ozark hills and nature surrounding it. Brides and grooms looking for a place to begin their spiritual union will find lots to love in this celebrated location, where the venue resides in perfect harmony with the natural world enveloping it.

A two-hour Saturday rental of Thorncrown will cost $1295; a $300 discount is applied to weddings during the week. Rehearsal time is not included in the package but can be scheduled for an additional $500. Couples interested in booking the award-winning Thorncrown Chapel for their ceremony can call 479-253-7401 to learn more or to schedule a tour.

Wedding ceremony in Eureka Springs Arkansas at the Thorncrown Glass Chapel

The Anthony Chapel

Located in Hot Springs Arkansas among the forest surrounding Garvan Woodland Gardens, Anthony Chapel is a slice of tranquility overlooking Lake Hamilton. The website boasts the chapel is comprised of a blend of native wood, glass, and stone. It features a vaulted wood and glass ceiling surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, revealing the woodland canopy and sky above. You can also see the beauty of the lake itself in the distance.

 wedding couple poses in Anthony Chapel in Hot Springs Arkansas

The chapel can accommodate an intimate 160 guests. Multiple reception spaces are available as a part of the Garvan Woodland Gardens property. The Anthony Chapel does require you to use the services of a wedding planner – check out our guide HERE if you need help selecting the best one! Pricing ranges from $3500-$4500, depending on the date of your ceremony. Visit their website to learn more!

Combination Glass Chapels

Osage House Chapel

Cave Springs boasts its version of the iconic glass chapel. While not entirely glass, Osage House makes the most of large windows that run down the side of the venue. The creamy white stone and ink-black roof and trim stand in contrast to the vibrancy of nature on the other side of the panes. The windows also give the space an airy feel, despite being entirely sheltered from the elements.

Cave Springs wedding ceremony at Osage House glass chapel

Osage House can host up to 299 guests, making it ideal for large parties. Should you want to move your reception out of doors, there is space upon the grounds to do so. Pricing for this venue ranges from $3600-$6700, depending on your date and availability. Visit their website to book or learn more.

Bride approaches ceremony at Osage House chapel

Hunt Chapel

Designed by Maurice and Walter Jennings, Hunt Chapel embodies the beauty of Northwest Arkansas’ landscape. The 3000 sq. ft. space is comprised entirely of local stones, wood, and material. Glass detailing compliments the structure, with skylights running across the roof, glass arches at the entrance and alter, and clear, circular stained glass artwork in the nave. During the day the chapel is illuminated by natural light, giving the space an airy feel.

The chapel can accommodate a cozy 135 guests. Rehearsal time is included with your reservation, along with rehearsal and ceremony coordination. Pricing ranges from $1250 to $2,887, depending on your desired date. To learn more, visit their website or utilize their online booking tool.

Sassafrass Springs – The Ruins

Brides in search of a venue fit for a princess will find their dream setting at Sassafras Springs Vineyard. Located in Springdale, Arkansas, this wedding venue features a ruins-style chapel, with walls made of beige stone native to the Ozarks. In place of a roof is an open sky, creating a storybook-style open-air ceremony. Couple that with the natural beauty of the sixty-acre wine vineyard, and you have the makings of a day ripped straight from the pages of a fairy tale.

Bride whips tear away from grooms face at Sassafras Springs vineyard wedding

Though Sassafrass is entirely open-air, a veranda on-site offers a contingency plan in case of a rainout. Pricing ranges from $2900-$5900, depending on availability and schedule. Set up, tear down, and clean up are included in the cost. For your convenience, tables, linens, chairs, centerpieces, china, and silverware are available for rental from the venue itself.

Child climbs down the ruins chapel at Sassafras Spring Vineyard

Chapel at Ridge Runner Farm

Set among the pine trees of eastern Arkansas, the Chapel at Ridge Runner Farm is a venue unlike any other in the state. The chapel is a minimalist-style, open-air venue. It is made up entirely of white metal framing, with no walls, windows, or roof to enclose it. It gives the feeling of intimacy you’d find in a church or enclosed space, but with the shelter made up of the beautiful forest surrounding it.

Operated by Ridge Runner Berry Farm in Floral, dates are filling up fast for the year ahead! For more information on the chapel, please call (501) 765-5608.

Greenhouse Two Rivers

While not exactly in NWA, Greenhouse Two Rivers is an easy two-hour drive away. The culmination of five years of dreams, this venue brings together the owners’ passion for the outdoors and photography. The modern conservatory is resplendent with greenery-laden chandeliers, making the most of the beautiful landscape surrounding the property. A plethora of potted plants bring the outdoors in and help to blur the lines between the two. Choosing Greenhouse Two Rivers promises to make your big day one to remember.

ceremony details at Greenhouse Two Rivers

This venue can host up to 300 guests for your ceremony and reception. The rental fee does include access to the entire property, giving you a welcome excuse to wander the grounds and sneak away for a stolen moment with your love. Prices range from $2900 to $4000, depending on scheduling and availability. To learn more or inquire about booking, visit their website.

Bride and father walk to ceremony at Greenhouse Two rivers Wedding chapel

Chapel at the Ozarks – Big Cedar Lodge Chapel

Owned and operated by Big Cedar Lodge, this enchanting, three-story chapel boasts incredible floor-to-ceiling views of Table Rock Lake through a glass backdrop. As you enter through antique pine wood doors, the chapel opens to soaring 23-foot vaulting ceilings. Inside, warm wood surrounds you find a seat in one of the classic style pews and take in the breathing-taking surroundings.

Wedding ceremony at big cedar lodge chapel

Chapel at the Ozarks can accommodate up to 180 guests. Reception space is available in multiple locations throughout the resort, as well as ample accommodations for guests. Pricing and booking information can be found on their website, or by calling (800) 225-6343.


For those who love the great outdoors, a glass chapel is an incredible choice as a wedding venue. With unmatched beauty and the practicality of a traditional venue, you are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. And when the time comes to choose who will capture those moments, we hope you’ll consider Vinson Images. Because while we know a lot about wedding venues, we know even more about taking the perfect images on your big day.

What Now?

Still in the planning stages? Make sure to check out our resources page! While there are lots of great and useful details there, you don’t wanna miss our Free 62-page wedding planning guide as well as our guide to the best wedding venues in Northwest Arkansas.


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