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When it comes to shooting weddings, we always find ourselves building a strong relationship with our clients. We are there for one of the biggest days of their entire lives. Not only that, but they actually see us more on this day than any other person. But for this particular wedding, we came into the process already having a strong relationship. That’s because Will is actually Chasnie’s brother.   

Photographing a family members wedding is one of those things that can have its good parts and bad parts. The good part is that we know and have a relationship with most of the wedding party and a lot of the guests. This helps us get better images because we know all the important people, even if they are not key players in the wedding. The bad part can be that we are working and not celebrating with our family and friends. But if you have ever worked with us, you know we don’t really have a problem celebrating while we work (keep an eye out in the reception images to see Chasnie showing off her sweet dance moves)!

This Garfield Arkansas wedding took place in Will and Whitney’s backyard. The crazy part about this is that they just bought the house a couple months before the wedding. So within these couple months, they remodeled the house, moved in, and planned the wedding. Needless to say, the entire family was pitching in to get everything done in time. So without further explanation, let’s jump into the images of this amazing day!

Garfield Arkansas Wedding Photography Gallery

Garfield Arkansas Wedding Photography

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