Family Friendly Bike Rides in Northwest Arkansas – Biking With Kids

Family Friendly Bike Rides in Northwest Arkansas

While we recently outlined where you can find the best mountain bike trails in Northwest Arkansas, it’s fair to say that they aren’t all family friendly. Since a lot of our past clients have kids, and we have kids ourselves, we know it can be tough knowing where you can go. Luckily for residents of Northwest Arkansas, our area is home to amazing biking resources and opportunities! Kids will love facing new challenges, testing their skills, and seeing the beauty of the Ozarks. But most of all, you’ll be enjoying spending time together as a family, and nothing can be more precious than that. Excited to get started but not sure where to begin? Keep reading for our guide to Family Friendly Bike Rides in Northwest Arkansas!

Family Friendly Bike rides in Bentonville Arkansas 

Family Friendly Bike rides in Bentonville Arkansas 

Known as the capital of mountain biking by residents and out-of-towners alike, there’s no better place to begin your biking adventures in our area! While there are tons of family friendly bike rides in Northwest Arkansas, Bentonville is home to the most options.

Slaughter Pen

Slaughter Pen has something to offer all families no matter their skill level. Adventurous or more experienced bikers can take out on the mountain bike trail and beginners (or parents’ pulling a bike trailer) can follow along the paved path beside them. We also love the All American section of Slaughter Pen. Ranked a green level, it gives new riders an achievable challenge while keeping novice riders on their toes, too!

Thaden School

When we mention Thaden School, you may wonder what a private school has to do with bike rides. But did you know the school has a Velosolutions pump track? A pump track combines rolling jumps with high-banked turns on an asphalt surface. Ideal for riders on 16” pedal bikes or more, it’s a great spot to test your skills as a family. It’s open to the public every day after school and on the weekends.

Mama Bear Pump Track

Great for balance bike riders and up, the Mama Bear Pump Track is a half-mile loop off Razorback Greenway. It’s designed to grow skills and enhance the confidence of young bikers, while still ensuring fun for the whole family. It’s also located right next door to 8th Street Market – we highly recommend stopping in for a treat when you finish your session!

Bentonville Bicycle Playground

Bentonville Bicycle Playground was the country’s first bike playground. It was designed as a space where parents would feel comfortable letting their child explore the world of biking, whether by watching or joining in! It features a starting line, ramps, bridges, tunnels, and a centralized finish line. It’s also made of soft surface material to ensure kids’ safety. Recommended for riders in the early stages, it’s sure to be an afternoon of fun for the family!

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

While Coler Mountain Bike Preserve has no shortage of challenging trails, there’s also a variety of family friendly routes. Good Vibrations is an easy, dirt flow trail that’s mirrored by a paved route, great for little ones or bike trailers. There’s also the Family Flow trail, a great introduction to downhill riding that is ideal for stable riders. And for the boldest bikers, take a spin on the Thunderdome! It’s a dual slalom downhill course wide enough so parents and kids can race each other on the way down. This trail isour personal favorite of all the family friendly bike rides in Northwest Arkansas.

After You’re Done With The Bentonville Arkansas Family Friendly Bike Ride 

After you’ve worked up an appetite, we recommend stopping in at either Crepes Paulette or The Witching Hour. Crepes Paulette offers takes a French staple and turns it on its head, with everything from savory Thai, dessert crepes, and vegetarian options as well. As a bonus, all their crepes are handheld, making them ideal for kids! The Witching Hour is a Halloween-themed food truck with the best burgers in town, sure to delight picky eaters and Zombie fans alike!

Family Friendly Bike rides in Rogers Arkansas  

From bike parks to paved routes, to off-roading adventures that are manageable for the entire family, Rogers offers a ride to suit the needs of every biker!

Family Friendly Bike rides in Rogers Arkansas  

Lake Atalanta

Lake Atalanta is an ideal location for a relaxing family cycle. The 1.8-mile loop circles the lovely Lake Atalanta. Paved trails mean even the youngest of riders will be comfortable with the terrain and distance. Those wanting more of a challenge can take to the woods, where there are several dirt terrain offshoots to enjoy and get muddy on.

The Railyard

it’s hard to say what families will love more about The Railyard: the adorable locomotive theme or the action-packed features. There are tunnels, wood bridges, and a pump track to explore, all on a natural surface. Once you’re done, test your skills with one of the eight offshoot trails that connect you to Lake Atalanta or Pleasant Ridge trails. The Railyard is also well lit, allowing the park to remain open until 10 p.m. 

Catherine’s Crossing

Catherine’s Crossing is a fun and easy trail system designed specifically for beginners. Located on the Mercy Hospital grounds, it is made of soft surface material and is accessible via the Razorback Greenway. While there are some more challenging turns, it is the perfect route for building rider confidence and ability. We can’t imagine a better way to spend the afternoon as a family!

After You’re Done With The Rogers Arkansas Family Friendly Bike Ride 

Reward yourself for a ride well spent by dining at Parkside Public or First Watch. Parkside serves up great burgers and hot sandwiches with flavors from traditional to experimental. For parents, there are also a dozen beers on tap to choose from. First Watch is a perfect treat after a morning ride; their brunch is second to none. We love their million-dollar bacon, which could best be described as bacon’s cooler, older brother. Take one bite and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

Family Friendly Bike rides in Springdale Arkansas 

Discover one of the most exciting areas of our region via bike, with lots of additional opportunities for exploration along the way!

Family Friendly Bike rides in Springdale Arkansas 

Razorback Greenway

Consider the Razorback Greenway the 1-49 of the Northwest Arkansas biking scene. Connecting Fayetteville to Bella Vista and everything in between. Think of the 36-mile system of paved and off road trails as a choose your adventure book. Stick to the concrete for a casual, easy ride, or hop off the beaten path to test your skills. We particularly love taking this route to explore Springdale. It passes by the area’s up-and-coming downtown area, The Jones Center, and The Shiloh Museum, giving families an excuse to explore even more.

Runway Bike Park

Funded by the Walton Family Foundation, Runway Bike Park was created as a training ground for aspiring mountain bikers in Northwest Arkansas. Located at The Jones Center, families can test their skills on the pump track and skills course, then unwind on the facility’s bike playground. The skills course offers three separate levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced), so everyone in the family will have the challenge to suit their ability.

After You’re Done With The SpringdaleArkansas Family Friendly Bike Ride 

Post-ride, treat yourself to Springdale staples Susan’s or Pizzeria Ruby. Long-time Mom and Pop restaurant Susan’s serves Southern-style breakfast and lunch fare in old-school digs. New kid on the block Pizzeria Ruby has already made a name for itself serving the best slices in NWA. We recommend eating during off-peak hours to avoid a wait.

Family Friendly Bike rides in Fayetteville 

A list of family friendly bike rides in Northwest Arkansas couldn’t be complete without including Fayetteville Arknasas. Do your part to keep Fayetteville funky when you take a ride along Fayetteville’s trails and loops!

Family Friendly Bike rides in Fayetteville 

Lake Fayetteville

Lake Fayetteville offers Fayetteville riders the best of both worlds. Those who want to spend time unwinding outdoors or maybe are new to the sport will enjoy the 5.25 mile loop around the lake. The asphalt multi-use trail features enough climbs to keep things interesting while still being a relaxing ride. When your family is ready to kick it up a notch, venture to the park’s interior off-road course. We recommend this for children and adults who are comfortable on their bikes. The trail is a fun challenge for families and a great way to bond over a new adventure!

Gregory Park

Gregory Park is a .9 mile loop ideal for families just getting into the sport. It boasts a fun flow down the route. While still off-road, the course is extremely manageable – not to mention gorgeous. Tree canopy covers the route, making for a scenic ride. Want your furry friend to tag along? Even your dog is welcome to join you, provided they remain on a leash.

After You’re Done With The Fayetteville Arkansas Family Friendly Bike Ride 

When you finish up your ride, head to local favorites Hammondtree’s or Slim Chicken’s. Hammontree’s grilled cheeses are famous for a reason. Add as much extra goodness as you like or stick with the classic. You’re sure to leave happy – and full! Slim Chicken’s got its start in Fayetteville and now boasts restaurants worldwide. It’s conveniently located right off the Razorback Greenway. Kids will love the chick’s plate; for adults, we recommend the chicken and waffles.

Family Friendly Fun Rides and Getting Involved

Family Friendly Fun Rides and Getting Involved

Square to Square is the iconic bike race that sends you from one end of the NWA metro area to the other! At about 26 miles long, it’s a challenging but not impossible race, sending you up or down Razorback Greenway to the square in either Fayetteville or Bentonville. Race it or take your time; there will be riders doing both! Concerned little legs won’t make it that long? Shortened course options are available to ensure even the youngest of riders can participate and enjoy!

Taco de Taco and Tour de BBQ are each held annually to benefit the Kendrick Fincher Hydration for Life. Get in some miles along Northwest Arkansas trails while stopping for enjoying pit stops for tacos or BBQ along the way! Because really, what kid doesn’t work up an appetite when pedaling around? Please note, routes and vendors are still being determined for this year. 

finding your favorite family friendly bike rides in Northwest Arkansas is just the beginning. Want to get even more involved in the biking movement across our corner of the state? Check out BikeNWA! Sponsored by the Walton Family Foundation, they focus on initiatives that promote advocacy and education in cities across Northwest Arkansas with a particular focus on communities along the Razorback Greenway corridor. Their website offers bike safety tips for children, biking events in our area, and the organization’s National Bike Challenge.

Looking For More Than Just Family Friendly Bike Rides in Northwest Arkansas?

 More Than Just Family Friendly Bike Rides in Northwest Arkansas

While we know planning a family friendly bike ride in Northwest Arkansas is the main reason you are here, you won’t want to miss what else we have to offer. From the Best Romantic Getaways in Arkansas to Northwest Arkansas Date Night Ideas. Also, If you are looking for some trail options without the kids, you definitely want to see our guide for the best mountain bike trails in Northwest Arkansas. If you are looking for a photographer for your next big event, head over to our contact form and let us know! Because while we may know a lot about biking the Natural State, we know even more about capturing important moments and epic portraits!

Lastly, if you are in the wedding planning stage, make sure to check out our FREE wedding planning guide!


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