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When I first decided to start offering documentary family photography, I knew I wanted to start the process with a giveaway. I did this via our facebook page and we got a pretty decent response. The thing with this giveaway was that I didn’t want to pick a family at random. I wanted to offer it to a family that I felt stood out. A family that caught my attention. The Harris family instantly fit this requirement.

How The Day Went

The Harris Family consists of mom Kristi and dad Rodney. They have two adopted sons Trae and Will. During their documentary family session, they did what they do most days: everyone got home from work and school and instantly got started on homework. Well, after a quick Nerf gun battle they got started on homework.

After homework, everyone went to the front yard to play. There was a mini game of baseball, some scooter riding, races, and tree climbing. This was the most fun part of the day to shoot. The light was interesting and the action was a blast! Seeing Kristi and Rodney help the boys practice for their baseball games was also a pleasure to see.

It quickly became time for a dinner and it’s always entertaining to see the kids eat with their hands, especially when dinner is spaghetti. Aside from the obvious moments of laughter and mouths full of food, there were extremely sweet and sincere moments, like a brief moment between Kristi and Will as he held her hand and smiled.

Followed by dinner was a walk along the bike trail, near their house to hunt some Pokemon. Then back home to make chocolate chip cookies (which were delicious) and a little TV time before bed. This TV time is when parents think will be the most boring part of the evening, but in fact, this is when the kids are starting to get tired and cuddly and sweet. Either that or it’s when they get the most amped up in an effort to stay awake. Thankfully for me, we had a combination of both this night. So we a range of little sweet and a little wild moments. Just like real life.

If you cherish moments with your family and want images to always remember them, I’d love to talk about getting a family documentary session scheduled for you (contact us here). We travel all over Northwest Arkansas and surrounding areas.




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