Northwest Arkansas Bachelorette Party Ideas With Example Itineraries – Jan 2023

Hi friends and welcome to the blog! My name is Britt Jones, and I am the owner of Britt Jones Co. For those of you who do not know me, I am a local + traveling wedding planner based in the Northwest Arkansas area.  My mission is to make your big day the best day by offering my services with a helpful-hand and a genuine heart.

The reason this topic stood out to me is that I just got married! The planning process of my own wedding is fresh on my mind and so are all the things that come with it – especially the bachelorette party!

I compiled a list of 4 different bachelorette party itineraries. Three consists of wonderful options to do in our hometown of Northwest Arkansas, while the other one is based on the most popular bachelorette destination that our Northwest Arkansas brides are traveling to! NASHVILLE TN!

Let’s get started!


The popular trend lately for bachelorette parties is to stay in Airbnb’s! Luckily, there are TONS of great options in NWA in regards to Airbnb’s. What are the perks to this vs. your traditional hotel room? Staying in an Airbnb definitely gives you more space than a hotel as well as offering a home-like atmosphere that you can cook in, decorate, etc. If you do want to stay in a hotel, I would recommend staying in one that serves breakfast. This way you don’t have to worry about one meal in the day if you want to save some money/skip out on eating brunch out. Below I have listed some of the best places to stay in NWA as well as Nashville!



Rogers (Beaver Lake)



There are so many great places to eat in NWA and Nashville. Let’s start with brunch! The Buttered Biscuit, The Farmer’s Table, and Arsaga’s are a few local favorites in Northwest Arkansas. All of these places serve up amazing, quality food and offer fun drinks such as mimosas and bloody marys! In Nashville, the Southern and Pinewood Social are two of the most popular locations for bachelorette parties! These two places have a fun atmosphere that will be perfect to get your day started on the right foot.

Lunch can be a meal that you’re grabbing quickly because you’re on the go during a bachelorette trip. For Northwest Arkansas, try Hammontrees or Crepes Paulette to satisfy those midday munchies while having a blast in the natural state. While in Nashville, try Bartaco or Hattie B’s!

In NWA some of the most popular dinner options are Local Lime, Hugo’s, and the Pressroom. There are so many great places to dine, you truly cannot go wrong. Like NWA, Nashville is loaded with great cuisine options. Butcher and Bee and 5th and Taylor are some of our favorites!


We want to make sure you have the best time on your bachelorette weekend! With that said, here are some fun activities you can do in both NWA and Nashville.

For starters, let’s talk NWA. Some of the main attractions include Crystal Bridges Museum, shopping in the Promenade, strolling around the squares of Fayetteville or Bentonville, and enjoying the nightlife on Dickson Street. If you are looking to have a good time, I would HIGHLY recommend Dickson Street. This is the Sixth Street of Northwest Arkansas. If you are into outdoor activities check out Beaver Lake, Devil’s Den, and the bike trails that connect Fayetteville to Bella Vista.

In regards to Nashville, definitely check out the Country Music Hall of Fame! Since Nashville is all about the music, go check out some live performances. You may just meet the next Taylor Swift! Tooties and other bars in the Lower Broadway area are great places to do so. To explore the city, try buying tickets to a Honkey-Tonk Party Bus. This is a fun, unique way to see Nashville. Lastly, if you are feeling frisky, Nashville is filled with fun shows. Try going to Skull’s Rainbow Room for a burlesque experience!

Northwest Arkansas Example Itineraries

Fayettechill Frenzie

Day 1

9:00 am: Wakey wakey, Eggs and Bakey! Brunch at The Farmer’s Table or Arsaga’s is our first stop. Mimosa’s please!

10:00 am: Enjoy a trip to The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. Prepare to take some fun pictures and enjoy all of the outdoor beauty.

11:30 am: Check out Zuzu’s Petals plant bar. You and all your babes can make a fun little keepsake to remind you of your fun weekend!

12:30 pm: Visit some boutiques off College Ave as you head back South. Maude, Mason’s, and Freckled Hen Farmhouse are great – just to name a few!

2:00 pm: Pit stop. Mamaka for a fresh acai bowl. SO good.

3:00 pm: Rest up for a night on the town!

5:00 pm: Put your party pants and eyelashes on.

6:30 pm: Head to dinner at Hugo’s (best burger in Fayetteville!)

8:00 pm: Come home and pre game – the more you drink at home, the less you spend out!

10:00 pm: Head to Dickson Street! Shotz, Yeehawg, West End, and JJ’s are some of the most popular bars. Side note – PLEASE make sure your bride rides the mechanical bull in Yeehawg, PLEASE make sure you take a video, and PLEASE make sure you post it on social media.

Day 2

9:00 am: Breakfast at the la casa.

10:00 am:  Saturday morning Fayetteville Farmer’s Market. Buy some local produce for dinner!

11:00 pm: Shopping on the Square. Visit Riff Raff, City Supply, and The Mustache and check out all of their fun, little goodies.

12:30 pm: Lunch at Hammontree’s. This grilled cheese spot is local favorite! Also, stop by Rick’s Bakery to get some goodies to snack on for later in the day or fulfill your afternoon sweet tooth!

2:00 pm: Change into some athleisure and rest up.

3:00 pm: Hike at Devil’s Den State Park and get some cute pictures of your squad!

5:30 pm: Shower and put on the PJ’s for a relaxing night in.

6:00 pm: Crank out a charcuterie board, wine, and let the grazing begin.

7:00 pm: Order in pizza from a local Pizzeria. Damgoode Pies and Woodstone are great options!

8:00 pm: Fun and Games! Check out Dixie and Dot for bachelorette jenga.

9:00 pm: Finish this day off with a movie night! A couple girl gang favorites are Bridesmaids, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and Mean Girls.

Bentonville Bach & Boozie :

Day 1

9:00 pm: Good morning, girls. Time for brunch at The Buttered Biscuit. A couple of favorites are the Kickin’ Chicken and Waffles, Lila-Lemon Pancakes, and Avocado Grove Toast. YUM!

10:00 pm: Let’s head to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Your entry ticket is FREE!

12:00 pm: Walk the trail to Downtown Bentonville. The pathway is connected from the outside of Crystal Bridges and brings you straight into the square.

12:30 pm: Explore the Walmart 5 and Dimes Museum, 21C Museum, and grab a coffee at Onyx Coffee Lab. Coffee is a staple!

2:00 pm: Let’s Grab a Crepe at Crepe’s Paulette! This local favorite is a glimpse of Paris. Sweet or savory?

3:00 pm: Freshen and rest up for an evening of festivities.

5:00 pm: Get glam for dinner.

6:30 pm: Enjoy a meal in Downtown Bentonville. Table Mesa and Tavola are great options. Table Mesa has some Mexican flair while Tavola consists of Italian cuisine. Both of them have an amazing alcohol selection. 

8:00 pm: Head to Skylight Theatre for a movie night with the girls! 

Day 2

9:00 am: Breakfast at Home. Save a little moo-lah.

10:00 – 1:00 pm: Rent bikes at Phat Tire in Downtown Bentonville and explore the trails. What a perfect way to burn off all of the booze!

1:00 pm: Lunch at the Pressroom. They have an amazing weekend brunch menu as well as the best hush puppies for an appetizer!

2:00 pm: Stop by Fork and Crust Pie Shoppe to order a take-home pie for dessert that night or enjoy a nice slice for your afternoon sweet tooth.

2:30 pm: Shower, relax, and freshen up for the rest of the night!

4:30 pm: Head to the Promenade so you can shop till you drop! Shop for registry items at Pottery Barn or William-Sonoma, look at bridal shoes at Dillard’s, or take a peek at the work out wear in Lululemon and Athleta.

7:00 pm: Dinner at Local Lime, Mirabella’s Table, or Big Orange. Local Lime has a great modern, Mexican cuisine. Mirabella’s Table has an Italian Upscale flare. Big Orange has boujee burgers that are to die for. You cannot go wrong!

8:30 pm: Head to the Holler at  8th Street Market for a fun night of mingling, lounging, and playing shuffleboard.

11:00 pm: Pie time when you make it back to the house!

Ladies on the Lake!

Day 1

9:00 am: Breakfast at home. Enjoy a morning of soaking in that having all your babes in the same place!

10:00 am: Boat time! You can rent a boat at Lost Bridge Marina as long as you have a driver with a boating license. Grab your sunscreen and let’s soak up some rays on Arkansas’s Beaver Lake.

12:30pm: Lunch Time! PBJ’s and Turkey Sandwiches go perfectly with a nice day on the lake!

2:00pm: Second wind. Maybe pull out the tube and go tubing! Again you can rent these items from Lost Bridge Marina.

4:30pm: Shower and rest time.

5:30pm: Get ready for a fun evening out! Downtown Rogers is pretty close to parts of Beaver Lake.

7:00pm: Dinner at Rail Pizza Co. or Levi’s.

9:00pm: Make your way home! The sun can be quite draining so a nice movie might be the perfect way to end the night.

Day 2

9:00 am: Head to Downtown Rogers for coffee run to Onyx Coffee Lab. You’re going to want to dress cute and bring your camera! This place is unbelievable.

10:00 am: Downtown Rogers has an array of really cute antique shops such as Homestead. Feel free to stroll and look around. Also, this might be a good opportunity to make a grocery run for dinner!

12:00 pm: Lunch at Yeyo’s because who doesn’t love tacos?!

1:00 pm: Head back to the house and change into your swimsuits for an afternoon in the sun. Give your tacos time to digest of course!

2:00 pm: Laying out in the sun or getting on the boat. Soaking up some rays!

5:00 pm: Shower and relax. PJ time.

6:00 pm: Dinner prep! This could be a fun task with all your girls. Having everyone cook a meal together is a great way to build mems!

7:00 pm: Dinner is served.

8:00 pm: The fun and games begin! A night in with your girls and a bottle of wine could be the best way to cap off this lake trip.

Northwest Arkansas Destination Example Itinerary

Nash Bash

Day 1

9:00 am: Start your day off at The Southern for brunch. They even have mimosas by the pitcher!

10:30 am: Enjoy the Nashville Farmer’s Market and stroll down the booths of fresh produce.

12:00 pm: Hop on a 2 hour tour of the city in a Honky-Tonk Party Bus!

2:30 pm: Just in time to enjoy the true taste of the south – Hatte B’s! This hot chicken place is known world-wide.

4:00 pm: Head home and rest up for a fun night ahead!

5:30 pm: Get ready to PAAARRRTY. *Bridesmaid’s reference*

7:00 pm: Head to the Butcher & Bee for a locally sourced and delicious Nashville meal. The trendy atmosphere is also perfect for some photos of you and your gal pals.

9:00 pm: After a great dinner head to Rare Bird Rooftop Bar and enjoy some lounging time. Make your way to other popular spots on Lower Broadway or “So Bro” as the locals call it.

Day 2

10:00 am: Brunch at Pinewood Social. One of the best bachelorette party spots in Nashville!

11:30 am: Head to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Take in all the amazing artists who have come through this town.

1:30 pm: Shopping and Photo-Ops on South! Time to get some insta-worthy shots of your bride tribe.

2:30 pm: Grab a bite while you’re on South. There are tons of great spots such as the Frothy Monkey and Bartaco.

4:00 pm: Back to the house to rest and change for another fun night ahead.

7:00 pm: Dinner time at 5th and Taylor. Fancy! Great night to wear your little black dresses while the bride wears her white dress.

9:00 pm: Let’s have some chill time at Tootie’s Lounge before the show begins!

11:00 pm: SHOWTIME. Welcome to Skull’s Rainbow Room for a fabulous Burlesque show!

What’s Next

I hope you enjoyed these fun suggestions and can apply them to your own bachelorette trip! Not only is a bachelorette weekend a great time to let loose, but even more so, it allows you to form unforgettable memories between you and your bridesmaids. These are times you’ll remember for the rest of your life! So have a blast.

If you are still in the market for a wedding venue, make sure to check out these Top 20 Wedding Venues in Northwest Arkansas! And if there is an engagement shoot in your future, definitely take a look at this guide to the best engagement shoot locations.


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