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When Tanya, owner and leader planner of Social Icing Weddings, founded her company four years ago, it wasn’t just about pursuing a glamorous career path. It was about chasing her passion for well-done events, and one that she says is the most rewarding thing she’s ever done.

“I am entrusted with one of the biggest moments in the couple’s lives,” she says. “I am so privileged to get to help them have a great time planning their wedding and enjoying the day to the fullest!”

Why Hire a Planner?

People hire professionals for almost every major event in their lives. Think about it. You wouldn’t set out to build your own home after watching a handful of YouTube videos. You wouldn’t use WebMD and consider yourself an expert on labor and delivery. Planning a wedding shouldn’t be any different. It’s one of the most important days of your life; you want it done right!

“Having someone who knows what they are doing and is by your side will make the planning process way easier and stress-free,” says Tanya.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Going Above and Beyond with Social Icing

Wedding planned by Social Icing at Barn at the Springs Wedding venue

Sure, a lot of planners say they go above and beyond for their brides. But Tanya takes it to a new level. Need your wedding license turned in but have no one to turn to? She has you covered. Did the baker’s car break down halfway to the wedding? She’s on the way to pick them up. And yes, that last story really did happen. You can count on Tanya to do whatever it takes to make your wedding exactly as you pictured.

Top of Mind

Tanya throws her all into each wedding that she plans. To ensure that each couple gets the time and attention they deserve, she limits the number of clients she takes on at any given time. You’ll never have a moment where you feel she’s distracted with another project or as if your wedding is second fiddle. Her number one priority is you and your dream day.

Social Icing Packages Available

Social Icing Weddings offers a variety of packages to fit your needs, including all-inclusive planning, month-of planning, and wedding day management.

Clink! Package

The Clink package is the perfect all-inclusive option for the couple who just wants to throw up their hands and shout, “We don’t know what we’re doing!” It includes regular phone and email consultations with five in-person meetings, event design, vendor and venue scouting and scheduling, rehearsal and day-of coordination, timeline and layout development, and collection of personal items at the end of the day. Pricing for this package starts at $1,500.

Fizz! Package

If you have your wedding together but just need a bit of help in the home stretch, check out the Fizz package. This offers three planning appointments, vendor and venue referrals, custom event design, layout mapping with rain plan, timeline development, and rehearsal/day of coordination. It also includes the collection of personal and important items at the end of your reception. Pricing for this package begins at $1,100.

Pop! Package

Maybe you just want someone available on the day of your wedding to ease the stress and free up your family members to enjoy the day. You’re sure to love Tanya’s Pop package if so. This no fills alternative consists of one planning appointment, layout mapping, rehearsal/day of coordination, and the collection of your personal belongings after your event. Pricing for this option begins at $950.

Customized Service by Social Icing

Wedding planned by Social Icing at Barn at the Springs Wedding venue

What if you see the plans above and think, “That’s great, I really need something a bit different.” Never fear! Tanya always offers a custom option for couples, where you can pay for the services you need but skip the ones you don’t. This saves you both time and money that you can put to other priorities on your wedding checklist.

Elopement and Micro Weddings

two t-ex cake topper. Wedding planned by Social Icing at Barn at the Springs Wedding venue

Smaller doesn’t always mean easier. Couples planning an elopement or micro wedding can still benefit from the services Social Icing provides. Tanya is glad to create a specialized plan to fit your needs. Additional details are available upon request.

Learn more about Social Icing

Want to learn more about working with Social Icing Weddings? Email them at and make sure to tell them Vinson Images sent you! You can also contact them on their website or on Instagram by visiting their page @social.icing.weddings.

What Now?

As you drive down the bumpy road of wedding planning, we know an amazing wedding planner will help you navigate the course! As you continue to plan, just make sure to check out our other amazing wedding planning recourses! From our guide to finding the best wedding venue to our free 62-page wedding planning guide! Lastly, don’t forget to fill out our contact form so we can chat about your wedding photography needs!