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Museums have quickly become one of the most interesting places to get married. While Northwest Arkansas has a handful of museums that double as wedding venues, the Arkansas Air and Military Museum is the only one that is housed in an actual air hanger where you will be surrounded by historic airplanes.

The Arkansas Air and Military Museum is located at Drake Field, Fayetteville, Arkansas. It has a collection of some of the oldest aircraft, some of them dating back to the 1920s and 1930s. If you are searching for a unique wedding venue, then the Arkansas Air and Military Museum will be the perfect location to get married! Imagine a wedding at a site that houses aircraft used in World War II. What? Who can say that? Your wedding will be nothing less than historic. Their massive hangars provide an exceptional ambiance whether you leave the doors open or shut. The vast open spaces, ample lighting facilities, and the historical background of this location provide a distinct flavor to every event, especially weddings.

As already mentioned, the museum started way back in 1986, but the history of this location goes back to the time when World War II began. It began as an air hangar housing some of the most significant aircraft. Some of the aircraft are still on display at the museum such as a Curtiss-Wright CW-1 Junior, Boeing-Stearman NS2S, a Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, a Dassault Falcon 20, a Learjet 23, and many others. Apart from World War II aircraft, you can also see some of the exclusive aircraft used in World War I and the Vietnam War.

There is a wooden hangar in which the museum is located. It is one of the few surviving buildings from the 1940s. Listed on the iconic Arkansas Registry of Historic Places, the building served as the headquarters for the military aviation training after World War II. Apart from the aircraft, you can also see a wide variety of aircraft engines, military vehicles, and other exhibits used during those wars.

The main hanger that is used for the event is large enough to use for both the ceremony and reception. Most couples choose to have the ceremony at one end of the hanger in front of the hanger door while the reception is on the other end. While this setup is the most popular, there are numerous options and possibilities. You can also choose to have the ceremony outdoors and have the entire hanger dedicated to the reception.

Depending on the number of guests you have, the cost of renting the venue may range from $1750 to $3750. The Arkansas Museum will then provide up to 60 tables according to the number of people. There are also 163 plastic contoured folding chairs, 9 serpentine tables, 2 8-foot long tables, and 4 6-foot long tables. All prices are included in the rental. You can also use the upper pre-hung lights without any extra charges. The cost of rental includes the entire day as well as two hours the day after that you can use for cleanup. This is extremely convenient because no one wants to clean up on their wedding day!

As for getting ready rooms, there are a handful of rooms that can be used for outfit changes and touchups, but none of these rooms are appropriate for an entire session of getting ready with hair and makeup. Most couples usually get ready at home or end up booking a room at a nearby hotel to get ready at and stay the night after the wedding.

There are no guest accommodations at this venue but there are numerous options available nearby. You can check nearby hotels like Staybridge Suites, the Chancellor Hotel, or the Dickson Street Inn. There are also a handful of great AirBnb options available.

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