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Wedding and event planning by Amanda Reed Weddings

When you got married, you likely didn’t tell your partner that you were saying yes to them – and a second job. But planning a wedding is a LOT of work! From researching different vendors to addressing hundreds of invitations, not to mention picking the menu and organizing the rehearsals – it’s no wonder couples could use a hand! Enter Amanda Reed Weddings.

Located in Northwest Arkansas, Amanda and her team have over a decade of experience in wedding planning. They utilize a creative approach to designing and planning; every wedding is unique to the couple. Who better to call in when you could use more than a little help?

Choosing The Perfect Planning Partner

When choosing a wedding planner, Amanda says there’s one quality that trumps all others in importance: trust. You are handing over the biggest day of your life to them to coordinate. You want to make sure that you feel safe putting your memories into their hands.

Wedding and event planning by Amanda Reed Weddings

“You’ll be spending a great deal of time working together over the next few months,” she says. “It’s important that you genuinely like and trust each other!”

Advice From The Pro

We asked Amanda what was the one thing she wished couples knew before planning a wedding. It was a no-brainer for her: budget matters.

Wedding and event planning by Amanda Reed Weddings

“It’s going to cost more than you think it will, every step of the way,” she says. “Unless you’re willing to cut that guest list. The more guests you add, the more of everything you need.”

That’s pretty practical advice if you ask us.

Amanda Reed Weddings Vendor Selection

When working with Amanda and the team, you are welcomed to select any vendor you like, whether that’s your favorite bakery or go-to florist. If you aren’t quite sure where to start, no worries. They have you covered!

Wedding and event planning by Amanda Reed Weddings

“We offer guidance and input relative to the vendor selection, as we have prior experience with quite a few more vendors than most couples!”

Meeting You Where You’re At

It’s no secret that Northwest Arkansas is the land of transplants. For many, that translates to living in a corner of the state that is far from where you plan to wed. So how are you to pick a planner when your ceremony location is elsewhere? Select Amanda Reed Weddings, of course! Whether you want to dance the night way at the Junior League building in Little Rock or two-step under the stars in the Delta, Amanda is happy to go the distance to make your dream a reality!

Full Service Tailored to You

Every wedding is different, just like every couple is different. Amanda and her team know this and don’t try to squeeze your wedding planning experience into a mold.

“Every single contract we write is unique to the client we write it for,” says Amanda. “We try to make sure everyone gets exactly what they need from our team when it comes to service.”

Wedding planning services include full event design and development, etiquette advisement, detailed floor plan design, budget development and management, arranging and attending vendor appointments, creation/distribution of wedding day timeline, contract review and negotiation, phone and email communication, vendor recommendations, and relations, event logistics, wedding day direction, task management, menu building, and specialized custom templates.

Amanda Reed Weddings Wedding Day Management

While full-service planning is the focus of Amanda Reed Weddings, there are a limited number of weekend-of or day-of service available. These are perfect for the bride who just needs those last few i’s dotted and t’s crossed!

Amanda Reed Weddings Pricing

Wedding and event planning by Amanda Reed Weddings

Due to the high level of customization offered by Amanda Reed Weddings, they are unable to give a set pricing structure. Booking event management begins at around $1500-$2000, whereas full-scale planning starts at $4500 for associates.

“Every venue and every client has a different set of needs,” says Amanda. “This results in a different price tag.”

Questions for Amanda Reed Weddings?

Ready to take the next step with Amanda Reed Weddings? Reach out to them on their website and make sure to tell them Vinson Images sent you! You can also check out their Instagram @amandareedweddings, or visit their Facebook and TikTok pages!

What Now?

As you drive down the bumpy road of wedding planning, we know an amazing wedding planner will help you navigate the course! As you continue to plan, just make sure to check out our other amazing wedding planning recourses! From our guide to finding the best wedding venue to our free 62-page wedding planning guide! Lastly, don’t forget to fill out our contact form so we can chat about your wedding photography needs!