jason + Chasnie

extreme dog cuddler-
greatest aunt there ever was-
lover of lakes and sun-
country music aficionado-
car karaoke expert-


-extreme dog cuddler
-greatest aunt there ever was
-lover of lakes and sun
-country music aficionado
-car karaoke expert


-lover of extreme sports
-self proclaimed beer snob
-dinosaur impersonator
-mexican food junky
-technology nerd

-lover of extreme sports
-self proclaimed beer snob
-dinosaur impersonator
-mexican food junky
-technology nerd

We love photography, since we do it for a living that should be obvious! However, there is so much more to us than that!

We have 3 fur children who basically run our lives. Charlie, our welsh terrier, has more "go" than the energizer bunny. Della, our Great Dane/German Shepherd mix, looks eerily similar to Yoda and loves to cuddle with anyone and everyone. And last, but definitely not least, our Great Dane Ollie, who weighs more than the average size adult and has more stuffed animals than the average child.

When we are not with our dogs, you will most likely find us spending time with our family or friends. We enjoy anything from wake surfing on the lake, exploring caves out on the Buffalo, to hanging out on a patio! We spend most of our free time outside and with the people we love! We are also active members of Fellowship Bible Church in Fayetteville and always look forward to the time we get to spend with our church community group.

Aside from being the crazy dog people who love our friends and family, we simply love people. We enjoy getting to know families and their stories! That’s why we enjoy shooting documentary family sessions so much! You may think that you just some normal and ordinary family with nothing exciting that happens. But every family has their special moments and every child has their own unique personality that shows up in their actions! These are the moments that we want to capture and preserve for you. We want you to look back on your photos in 30 years and be reminded how it felt when your children were growing up. Memories fade and diminish over time. We want to preserve them so that your family can cherish them for years to come.  

-netflix binge watcher-
-new restaurant explorer- 
-world traveler wannabe-
-follower of Jesus-
-paparazzi to friends and family-


Based in northwest arkansas, serving local and destination locations






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