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January 24th and 25th
St. Petersburg FL

Light is everything in photography. Without it, the most amazing moments and the most epic portraits simply fall to black. In order to use light to its fullest potential, we must first learn to see it, harness it, and bend it to our will. In this workshop we will dive deep into seeing light and using light. We will discuss how to train your brain to look for interesting light, how to recreate that light when its gone, and how to modify that light to create something new and interesting.

While light will be our main path, we will also cover other important aspects of wedding photography. Such as: moments, composition, and especially editing. Also, I will cover my non- salesy process for making more money with albums!

Who Am I?

Jason Vinson is a husband, father, and wedding and documentary photographer, based out of Northwest Arkansas. He has a passion for creatively documenting real moments, as well as taking epic and unique portraits. He has been ranked as the #1 Fearless Photographer in North America and Top 3 in the World for 2021. He is also ranked as one of the Top 100 Fearless Photographers of all time. He is a multi award winning photographer through Junebug Weddings, World Best Wedding Photos, ISPWP, Masters of Wedding Photography, Documentary Family Awards, and more. Jason also is an ambassador for brands such as Stella Pro Lights, Flashpoint, Magmod, Aftershoot, DreambooksPro, Holdfast, DVLOP, and more. In addition to his photography work, Jason spends countless hours educating the photography community. He has been a speaker, instructor, writer, and content creator for establishments such as WPPI, Portrait Master, Rangefinder, PPA, Fstoppers, and many more.


In this workshop we will be covering all the aspects of photographing a wedding; from prep all the way to the end of the night. Below is an example of things we will be covering:

-Natural Light Gear
-Settings (and Why)
-Soft Light
-Hard Light
-Modifying Natural Light
-Hands-On Shooting
-Made Light Gear
-Found Modifiers
-Image Deconstructions
-General Workflow
-Bulk Editing
-Selects Editing
-Album Design and Sales
-The Reveal
-Any Other Questions

What's Included

In addition to the two full days of education, lunch, as well as an assortment of snacks and drinks will be provided both days.

What's not Included

Travel, Lodging, and Food (besides what’s noted above)

Important Details

The workshop location (St. Petersburg, Florida) is conveniently located, so there are lots of places to stay and eat. There are also three airports to choose from to fly into (TPA, SQR, PIE). 

Workshop Location

The workshop will take place at Green Bench Brewing Co. While the majority of the events will take place here, we may venture off-site during the live shooting segments, as well as for night portraits


The dates for this are January 24th and 25th with an optional hangout the night of the 23rd. Tickets are $1500