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Some days and months are tough but there is always someone that is going through something more stressful or more painful or more fill in the blank.  When a tough time strikes me, I try to ask myself, “How can I help someone else overcome what they need to overcome?”  And giving back where we can is exactly how to do this!  Vinson Images sets aside a financial amount as well as minimum of time to give back; whether it be in the community or seeking ways to serve while traveling. Today, I’m changing up the blog and throwing out an opportunity for you to give back as well.  In addition, if you give to this opportunity, we give back to you with a small gift just as a token of thanks for being so awesome and giving!

Opportunity:  Last month, a wedding client (as well as friends) were involved in a fatal car wreck.  Fortunately, they did survive but it has been a painful and stressful time for them as they continue down this long road of mending and healing.  I encourage you to read their story and if you feel pulled to give, then go for it!  Or if you feel pulled to pray for them, I know they’d be overly thankful for such a blessing.

Brent & Erica’s Story:  https://www.gofundme.com/2g9t2tmk

Want more ideas on how to give back?  –> Giving Back Ideas

Also, last year’s trip to Belize and some things we were able to do while there –> Little Chicken, Big Difference




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